Persona 6 Is Rumoured To Be PlayStation Exclusive Upon Release

Persona 6 is going to be released in 2024 and some rumours are going around that the game will be a PlayStation exclusive.... sadge.

Persona 6 playstation header
Persona 6: Will the game be a PlayStation exclusive though? | © Atlus

Persona 6 is going to be releasing within the next year and a half. Developer Atlus has teased as much, given more information on upcoming titles and getting fans pretty excited for the next instalment of the Persona series.

Recently, they've even started releasing some of their previous titles for other consoles as well. You've been able to pick up Persona on the Nintendo Switch and for the Xbox as well. So, this had some fans hoping for a Persona 6 release on multiple platforms.

Persona 6 As A PS5 Exclusive According To Rumours

In a recent podcast, video game insider "Nate the Hate" revealed some intersting information about Persona 6, as well as some rumors surrounding the release, as well as the platforms.

According to him, Persona 6 will release late in 2024, so players will have to wait another year, at least, to be able to play the game. It also doesn't seem like Atlus is ready to show anything off from the game just yet, so we are going to have to stay patient.

There is so many Persona mainline games coming to other platforms. We've had Persona 3, 4 and 5 go to Xbox and Switch, so people will naturally say that Persona 6 is going to be a multi platform game. Everytime I look into this, what I come away with is – it is a PlayStation 5 game and it won't be coming to PlayStation 4.

So, even for those of you who have not managed to get your hands on a next gen console yet you might be disappointed to find out that Persona 6 is rumoured to be next gen exclusive as well.

This isn't the only game releasing in the next few years that is next gen exclusive though. The next Grand Theft Auto Game is also rumoured to only be available on next gen consoles. I guess it's time to kiss our PS4's goodbye...

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