PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2021

alan wake remastered
Is Alan Wake Remastered going to come to PlayStation Plus? | © Remedy

The free PS Plus Games are a hot topic at the beginning of every month, and thus we are here to give you our PS Plus Games for October prediction: What will the PlayStation Store cook up for PlayStation Plus owners this October? Let's speculate...

Last month we got a solid, but not spectacular, PS Plus offering: Overcooked! All You Can Eat, Hitman 2, and Predator Hunting Grounds. Don't forget that you can still download the free PS Plus September offering until the start of October:

Now let's start the PS Plus games for October predictions:

What Games Will Be Free on PS Plus in October?

Alan Wake Remastered

When Alan Wake Remastered was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase, those of us who played the original squealed with excitement. Now we have an even more exciting prospect: the game might be coming to PlayStation Plus in October. Why do we think this might be true? Well, pre-orders are available on Xbox... but not on PlayStation. The trailer made a point out of Alan Wake's PlayStation debut, so surely we would be able to preorder the game? We'll see, but if it does end up on PS Plus in October, we'll be busy...

Hell Let loose

Hell Let Loose seems like a pretty sure-fire option for PlayStation Plus in October 2021. It's a hyper-realistic World War 2 shooter than dropped back in July, and it's incredibly beautiful. The gameplay is wild, grounded, and bloody. We could imagine that Hell Let Loose would want to take up as much of the market in the lead of to Call of Duty: Vanguard's launch in early November. Making it free on PlayStation Plus would give it the opportunity to offer an alternative to Activision's juggernaut, and we'd certainly recommend jumping in...

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Man of Medan is the follow-up to the tremendously successful Until Dawn. It is a dark and somber game, with plenty to offer for fans of narrative-choice-based horror games. The game is brutal, entertaining, and full of character. It is a bit short, so we wouldn't recommend it at full-price, but we would certainly recommend it if the game turns up on PS Plus in October. Why would it be coming to PlayStation Plus? Well, the third game in the Anthology, House of Ashes, will be out on October 22. This would make it the perfect time to give Man of Medan to players as a free introduction to the series.

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