Pokémon Scarlet And Violet DLC: These 13 Things MUST Be Fixed

The only game where the "bug" type dominates: Pokémon Scarlet And Violet. What possible improvements can we expect?

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Pokémon DLC Scarlet & Violet: Possible bug fixes | © The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was released with numerous bugs, crashes, clipping, pop-up, and low framerates. Many players were dissatisfied and attempted to get a refund.

Despite previously not acknowledging the severity of the issues, Nintendo has now released some patches, which offers "select bug fixes." . The company also vaguely acknowledges that there are other bugs affecting the game's performance and apologizes for the inconvenience.

Nintendo states that it takes feedback seriously and is working on improvements. What improvements may be possible for the upcoming DLC? Or will we see more glitches?

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet DLC: These 13 Things MUST Be Fixed

The performance issues in Scarlet and Violet were already known through tweets and videos, but experiencing them firsthand was more hostile than expected. The camera clipping through objects and NPCs stuttering randomly made the world feel unwelcoming, and Pokéballs would often get stuck in midair.

In battles in water, there was a fear of Pokémon falling into the lake. While some errors could be amusing, over time, the experience became tiresome, and the lack of trust in the camera and walls' hitboxes became frustrating. So what should change?

Changes We Need

  • Since Pokemon X and Y, the main series of Pokemon games have offered a lot of customization options for characters, including hair, eyes, and clothes. Scarlet and Violet also have this feature, but fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the game's clothing system. Due to the school motif, players are required to wear some version of their school uniform at all times, which limits their ability to express themselves. The reveal trailer for the DLC has shown some alternative outfits, which is hopefully a sign that the game will offer less restrictive fashion options.
  • While the Pokemon games have improved their animations, there is still room for improvement, especially in the open world aspect. Currently, Pokémon mostly stand around on the overworld, with stilted movements and occasional interactions with players. Players would appreciate more natural turning animations and more interactions between Pokémon on the overworld.

  • In Scarlet and Violet, shinies are not well indicated, which is a problem for shiny hunters and color-blind players. It would be helpful to have more distinct visual or audio cues for shinies.
  • The tera raid system in Scarlet and Violet is an improvement over the raids in Sword and Shield, but there are still some issues that need to be addressed. For instance, it would be useful if players could see the star count of a raid on the overworld map to avoid checking each raid den individually. The tera shards used to change a Pokémon's tera type are also too time-consuming, and it can take days to get 50 of one type.
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Pokémon DLC Part 2: Improvements that have to be made | © The Pokémon Company
  • The towns and cities in Scarlet and Violet lack the personality of those in previous Pokémon games. This is partly because most houses are closed off to players, and even shops are just menus with no interior. If Game Freak could add more interactivity to the towns, it would make them feel more alive.
  • The game's trading system needs improvement, too. Players can only set up trades with link codes or do completely random surprise trades. Bringing back the global trade system or a similar feature would be beneficial for filling out the Pokédex.
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Pokémon DLC Scarlet & Violet: Bugs | © The Pokémon Company
  • Scarlet and Violet offer great story content, but once the credits roll, there isn't much to do except for rematching gym leaders and taking on the academy ace tournament. Previous games had battle towers or battle frontiers, which helped players ease into more competitive battles against CPU trainers and provided more variety and callbacks to previous games. Hopefully, the Indigo Disk part of the DLC will offer quality battle facilities.
  • Finally, Scarlet and Violet have had performance issues since launch, including frame drops, drooping textures, glitches, and pervasive pop-ins. If the DLC worlds are smaller than the main overworld, they may be better optimized, allowing players to enjoy the game more fully.
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Pokémon DLC Part 2: Game bugs | © The Pokémon Company
  • The terrain of Scarlet and Violet appears to be made up of rough shapes that were not refined, like they were made from straight lines with the intention of adding details later but never got around to it. It feels like a block of ice instead of a sculpture. Other terrains around the world look better, but when you approach them, they warp and twist like melting popsicles. The less explored areas of the game are worse, with cliffs that are just straight lines or areas where textures overlap.

  • The lighting and shadows are broken and not well-made and battles can change the lighting by opening and closing the battle menus.
  • The game struggles to keep from crashing, with players saving and closing the game to ease pressure.
  • During gameplay, encountering up to four players can slow down the game, but it can also lead to some fun glitches, like when a character got tied to a bike and ended up grinding on it.
  • The battles are similar to previous games, but the UI looks cheap and budget. The game is missing some features from previous games, like the ability to throw a Pokeball to catch a Pokémon without battling it and being able to run around the world while a Pokémon battles for you.

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