Bad News for PS VR 2

Playstation VR 2 will no longer release this year: Sony's virtual reality offering was officially delayed, and here's what you need to know.
Ps vr 2 delay
PS VR 2 is being delayed into 2023. Sad. | © Sony

The next-gen nightmare continues: First, all the consoles were late af, and now even their much anticipated additions are not on time. PlayStation VR 2 is highly anticipated by everyone with a gamer pulse, and developers like Konami already have our mouths watering, with their promises of the first AAA VR experiences (seriously, Metal Gear Solid VR sounds amazing). Well... it seems like we will have to put our VR dreams on hold for a while...

PS VR 2 Is Delayed Until 2023

The follow-up to PS VR was originally supposed to still be released this year, but now insiders have delivered some... very bad news. You already know what's coming: A delay.

There isn't much more to this other than that. PS VR 2 is delayed until 2023. That's it. No assumptions, no speculations... just my 2 cents: Isn't it annoying how, since Covid, every single system was delayed due to issues in the delivery of production parts? The PS5, the Xbox Series X, the Steam Deck, and now PS VR 2. Also, the delay explains why, up until now, there literally were no news on Sony's VR sequel.

If you're not familiar - with PS VR 2, Sony really wants to merge virtual reality with mainstream gaming. No more casual games only, with lacklustre mechanics and graphics, no: PS VR 2 is meant to be our first glimpse into the gaming future, and I, for one, can't wait to try it. It's just that I will now have to wait until 2023 to finally do so. And that's not even taking release troubles and scalpers into consideration...