Leak: Metal Gear Solid Remake Coming as PSVR 2 Launch Title

A Metal Gear Solid remake has long been talked about, and now we finally know the facts: The game is a PSVR 2 launch title.

Metal Gear Solid remake for PSVR 2
It might actually look something like this. | © Lee Devonald via ArtStation

We reported that a MGS remake was in the works long ago, and now we can finally update that story, thanks to a leaker on Reddit. The leaker claims to have inside information, which he is posting from a throwaway account, so get your pinches of salt out, everybody, this one needs seasoning.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Coming to PSVR 2

According to the leaker, Bluepoint was originally supposed to remake the game. Yup, that's Bluepoint, as in the company that brought us the Demon's Souls remake. Now, the game is in different hands, and is intended to be a new benchmark for VR games, which can be played without a VR set, and is a true AAA title.

According to the leaker, the VR interactions will be next-level, and the adaptive triggers will be implemented and used like never before, to the point where they are part of every interaction. The inventory will be controlled by raising your left wrist for medicinal items, and your right wrist for weaponry. Night Vision, and all other goggles will, naturally, be displayed realistically within the VR, and the Psycho Mantis fight will also be adjusted to work with VR goggles.

The reveal date for now is Q2 2022, as the Metal Gear solid remake is intended as a PSVR 2 launch title in Q4 2022.