The PS5 Is Getting The App We've Wanted Since Launch

Disney+ are finally introducing a dedicated PS5 app rather than expecting users to continue using the PS4 app via backward-compatibility. This opens the door to a ton of new features, and to be honest, it's a long-time coming.

Sony PS5 Feature Disnery
This could be a game-changer. | © Sony

We're going back 20 years or so here, so my memory isn't perfect, but when the PS2 launched it wasn't that much more expensive than DVD players at the time. Hence, one of the huge selling points of the PS2 was that you were getting a DVD player basically for free alongside your console (or, at least, this was the argument we endlessly repeated to my mum). This continued with the PS3 and Blu-ray, and it explains why the PlayStation has always been part console, part "media player".

In recent years, this element of their identity has become increasingly redundant; why would anyone spend hundreds on a platform to watch movies when everyone is walking around with their smartphone in their pocket, and every TV can connect directly to Netflix? You can see this shift away from being a "media player" with the PS5. Yes, it has a remote available to buy, but most of the media apps are still the old PS4 apps being played via back-compatibility. Luckily, Disney are looking to change that, and this could open up a whole world of new features (we're especially happy that it's Disney because they have great content this month).

PS5 Getting Native Disney+ App

Reddit user u/the_andshrew recently shared the news that a beta version of the PS5 Disney app has been published on the backend, and it's being code-named "Vader". A clever reference to Disney's biggest franchise there (although we're more interested in the new Star Wars games than all the Disney miniseries). But no matter the name, this is great news for PS5 owners, and it's genuinely worth getting excited about.

Why does a PS5 version of the app matter? Because the PS5 version of the app could theoretically allow for native 4k (rather than upscaling 1080), Dolby Atmos, night color profile automation, and faster loading. I say theoretically because Disney haven't announced what the PS5 app will be capable of, but all the features mentioned are well within the realm of possibility on a PS5. In fact, I would guess most of those features will be included.

That's all we know so far, but we'll keep you updated. Oh, and when you do get the app, this is what you should watch first.

Finally, good news for Sony fans, and not more of this nonsense: