Leak: PUBG is Going Free-to-Play

pubg free to play
Will PUBG finally be free to play? | © PUBG Corporation & Microsoft

PUBG might go free-to-play, based on player feedback and how many people played during its upcoming F2P weekend. The better question, however, is why isn’t PUBG free-to-play already? A well-known leaker has indicated that the current player feedback surveys suggest that PUBG could go free-to-play.

The fact that PUBG could be going free-to-play is strange newsworthy, because the game has fallen off in popularity – or better yet – has been beaten by the kings of the Battle Royale genre: Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. Apparently the developers are somehow still unsure, but if they see an overwhelming response from the community, then PUBG could become free-to-play permanently.

Apparently the developers wanted PUBG to go free-to-play in 2019, and it is probably the biggest mistake in the game’s history that they chose not to, at least according to the developers. At that time, the player-base was against a free-to-play model and now literally no one plays PUBG. Well, this is a little harsh, as the game saw a minor resurgence in June, but has plummeted in July. In fact, it rarely makes the first two pages of Twitch and if you called it dead I wouldn’t disagree with you. Hey, the zoomers say Fortnite is dead!

When Will PUBG Go Free to Play?

According to the leaker, PUBG will likely go free-to-play in August, 2021. The upcoming free-to-play weekend will be used as a way to track the player numbers, and if successful, we can expect an announcement on PUBG's Twitter in the coming weeks – if the free-to-play weekend is legit, that is.

Yes, do it now PUBG Corporation, don’t wait for a survey, just hurry up and resurrect your floundering Battle Royale. The game is actually really great, and plays a lot like Counter-Strike but with all the tasty mechanics you would have in a BR.

PUBG is no Fortnite, but it is very similar to Warzone in a lot of ways. It will be free-to-play, so may as well check it out, and if you have a chance to answer that survey, make sure to check the free-to-play box because the developers listen to the community and refuse to save their game without your approval. It's probably a perfect time to get back into PUBG as well, since it just received a new map called Taego and it is massive... oh, and of course, PUBG might be free-to-play soon!

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