Rainbow Six Siege Down? How To Check Server Status

If you're unable to log into Rainbow Six Siege, the servers might be down. Here's how to check the Rainbow Six Siege server status and what you can do to find out whether the problem is on Ubisoft's end or a result of an individual network issue.

Are the Rainbow Six Siege servers down? Here's how to quickly check the server status. | © Ubisoft

Playing games online is great as long as you don't run into connection problems, and unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege is no exception. When you're deep in a thrilling match, a disconnect can spoil all the fun.

Figuring out whether the issue is with the game's servers or your own internet connection can be tricky. Here are some quick steps to check the status of the Rainbow Six Siege servers and diagnose the issue.

Are The Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down? How To Check The Server Status

To quickly find out whether there is an issue with the Rainbow Six Siege servers, you should check DownDetector. This website has sections dedicated to all kinds of games, where it will collect user reports regarding the servers for a specific game. If you see user reports spiking for R6, then it's likely that the servers are either facing issues or are completely down for most players, and not just you.

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Fix Potential Connection Issues

Rainbow Six Siege: If you face connection problems although the servers are online, you should check you local network status. | © Ubisoft

If you can't connect to the R6 servers, although they seem to be online, the problem could be your internet connection or your device settings. Here are a few ideas to find out if that's the case:

  • If you're in touch with friends that also play Rainbow Six Siege, ask them whether they have the same issue. If they don't, you can be pretty sure that it's a local problem and not a server-based one
  • Restart your router
  • Restart your Xbox, PlayStation or PC
  • Check the connection settings of your PC or console to find out whether it's connecting properly to your Wi-Fi.

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