Ravenbound Is a Roguelite Skyrim In Norse Mythology

Ravenbound is a roguelite open-world RPG, that looks absolutely incredible. Here's what we know about the game.

Ravenbound hellcat game trailer
Hey, handsome. | © Ravenbound

So... ever felt like Skyrim was too easy? Ever felt like Hades was too cramped? Ever thought that you want a proper open-world RPG with roguelite elements? Well... now you're getting all that with Ravenbound: A new open-world RPG, drawing from Scandinavian folklore and featuring roguelite elements.

Ravenbound Is a Roguelite Skyrim

The official word from the developer is that Ravenbound has the "challenge of a roguelite" with the "choices of open world". Sounds great, right? Well... wait until you've actually seen the trailer:

As a roguelite, Ravenbound will obviously have the typical randomization and perma-death we're all used to, but set it to something we're not used to in the genre: An open-world. Deck-building mechanics are also part of the game, as is "fast-paced, up-close combat:". Here's what the game's lead designer had to say about the game:

It's really exciting to be entering a new genre for Systemic Reaction," lead game designer Simon Laserna says. "It's been a fun challenge to combine our open-world legacy with roguelite mechanics and the monsters from the Swedish woods!"

As it was just announced, Ravenbound is still was away, and currently there is no release date for the game. Interestingly, Ravenbound is not the only Skyrim-like game that was revealed at Gamescom: Ex-Skyrim devs are set to release a whole new RPG of their own, which you can read all about here.