Recaro Exo Gaming Chair Review: Ergonomics and Features Galore!

Recaro Exo Thumbnail Head
The Recaro Exo stands elegant and tall with its refined design. (Credit: Recaro)

Recaro has delivered an intricate and carefully curated gaming chair to the market with the Exo. A plethora of features awaits anyone who wants to invest their hard-earned cash into this premium product, and they won't regret a single penny. The Recaro Exo simply has ergonomics and features galore!

In our previous deep-dive into the Recaro Exo, we took a more focused look at the chair's physical design, its aesthetic, and more importantly – its background. Back on January 10, we raved about Recaro's triumph, saying that: “Recaro Exo is simply a triumph of seating. A truly German product, produced with locally-sourced ingredients, this elite gaming chair has us stunned with its beautiful design.”

Recaro Exo Compressed Thumbnail Studio Shot
The Recaro Exo seriously impressed us with its sleek design.

Now, it's time to dive further into the fold, what about the chair's ergonomic design? What features does it boast, if any at all? Well, let's dive in.

Recaro's Feature Extravaganza

The Recaro Exo features a number of preset seating positions for those of you who are too lazy to figure it out for yourself. The cool thing is – you probably couldn't figure it out by yourself anyway! Built in collaboration with gamers, the preset positions include what is considered the ‘attack’ position and were developed with you in mind.

We want to be clear here, the Recaro Exo is insanely versatile, and you can easily get confused. When I first sat in it, I started playing around with all the knobs and levers, the twirly bits, and the beeps and boops, and I was swingin’ all over the place like a madman. Like seriously, I was out of control.

That's when I checked out the manual... did I set it up incorrectly? Am I an imbecile? Well, yes to the latter. The chair comes with a more than 20-page-long instruction manual (keep in mind: it's a CHAIR), and it revealed all. This, my friend, is where I discovered the preset positions.

  1. Attack: Attack is designed for when you are in intense competition and need to be close to the action – it is a forward-pushed position that still supports your back and neck muscles.
  2. Core Focus: This one is designed to keep you focused, it is the one that we all use the most as it is absolutely perfect for office work. Most importantly, though, it is ideal for challenging, but not too intense, gaming sessions.
  3. Core Relax: This one is a little bit more laid back. It is a comfortable and relaxing position, which still stimulates your focus, meant for a more chilled out gaming experience. Boot up some Resogun!
  4. Recharge: Finally, this position is a seriously leaned-back, relaxed position, designed for resting before a game, having a little bit of a doze, and preparing yourself for the challenges ahead.

Each of these four preset positions are ideal for gaming, and also general use, and we found that we mainly used attack and core focus during sessions. Might seem a bit bizarre, but the mechanism is almost a rocking mechanism, so if you let it hang loose, you can also kinda use this bad boy as a rocking chair!

Recaro exo chilling wbeie
The Recaro Exo is perfect for working, and more importantly, important for chilling.

These are not the only cool features, though. Of course, the chair is entirely adjustable and one of the smoothest and easiest to put up and down – something we were surprised about, considering the chairs heavyweight. Additionally, the submarine mound on the seat is perfect for stopping you from sliding forwards and finding your ass on the ground!

The armrests are fully adjustable in a variety of twisty and turny ways, and offer so many positions that you can even sit cross-legged on the chair if you so desire. In total, the Recaro Exo has so many features that we can barely get through them whilst keeping this review at a reasonable length. It's versatile, okay? And has tons to offer...

Will it Fix My Back!?

Well, no. The folks over at Recaro are bloody good chair-makers, but they ain't chiropractors. However, they do know a thing or two about ergonomics from their many years of experience, and their obsessive attention to detail.

The Recaro Exo utilizes a special foam that they developed in-house, something that they use for their work in racing. The way that they utilize this feature is almost akin to having a fancy sports car seat in your living room – what the hell!? That's pretty awesome, and fantastic for your back.

This is because the foam is designed specifically for support. Instead of having a foam with even density across your back, you will notice that it is almost a little bouncy. Think of it like a mattress: little bits harder than others to overall support your back much better. You might think “oh this is a bit hard” when you first sit down, but after a while, you will love it!

But this is where we come to the final big ergonomic feature: the rocking mechanism. This is different from most chairs of this type, as they are usually a synchronous mechanism that allows more movement and is better for back support. This is literally the only thing that we find lacking in the Recaro Exo.

Whilst it is true that you can get better back support with a synchronous mechanism, it doesn't really apply when it comes to the Recaro Exo. That's because of the aforementioned preset seating positions. These are at the core of Recaro's success, and it is clear why so much time was devoted to figuring this out during the chair's design.

With these presets, and the small adjustments that they allow, you can fine-tune the seat to fit your back, and support your preferred gaming position perfectly. Thus, whilst it lacks that one little check-box feature, it makes up for it, and that small problem may as well not even be mentioned.

Recaro Exo Hard Plastic Back
The Recaro Exo features a hard-plastic back, where the plastic is not spray painted. Thus, if you scratch it, you won't even notice the marks.

So, Do we Recommend the Recaro Exo?

Well, yes, silly, that's pretty obvious right now, isn't it!? The Recaro Exo not only delivers in terms of aesthetics and sustainability, but it is a versatile and comfortable seat that offers fantastic back support and comfort. Whatever you wanted in a chair, this bad boy has, and we can unequivocally recommend it for anyone looking for a gaming chair.

So, that's where we will leave you. The majestic back, with the flared top, the fantastic home-made design, and the ethical love affair we have with the Recaro Exo, will keep us using this chair for years to come. For a chair of this caliber, we are surprised, but pleased to say: “it's worth every penny!”

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