Redfall Release Date Revealed, Sooner Than Expected

A new leak has finally revealed the Redfall release date, and it's coming slightly earlier than we were expecting.

Redfall Release Date Revealed Sooner Than Expected
Could this open-world Co-Op FPS game blow up? Or will it be a flop? | © Bethesda

Redfall has a lot of folks confused. What the hell is this game? What's the objective? Are we vampires or vampire hunters? So let me try and explain as briefly as possible.

Redfall is a present-day town in the US. A science experiment went wrong in the town and now vampires are roaming free. The government have cut-off and isolated Redfall to contain the threat, and you're playing as a group of teenagers who are trapped in Redfall and trying to survive.

There are four main characters in this group of heroes, each with a specialization (classic hero-shooter stuff; the sharpshooter, the techie etc.). You can play the game cooperatively or single-player, but either way the primary task remains the same: kill vampires and survive. Sound good? Awesome. Here's the release date.

When Is The Redfall Release Date?

According to the leaker Okami Games, Redfall will be released at the end of March with one week of early-access planned for those who pre-order. That's pretty close to the release of Hogwarts Legacy, so fans of both will sadly be forced to pick one or the other to no-life in the spring. But hey, if FPS and horror are more your thing, then all power to you.

It's really hard to tell right now how well this game will do. It's quite "out there", which is risky, but sometimes those are exactly the kinds of games that pop-off. What do you think? Will Redfall be one you keep an eye on? Or is this a hard-pass?

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