Revenant Hill Follows In The Paw-Steps Of Night In The Woods

Revenant Hill has been announced. The developers of Night in the Woods have a new project and the protagonist is once again a cat. Cute! No worries, the PlayStation Showcase revealed more than just that about Revenant Hill.

Revenant Hill
The style of Revenant Hill keeps the charm of Night in the Woods. | © Finji/The Glory Society

Besides big games like Assassin's Creed: Mirage or Alan Wake 2, the PlayStation Showcase on May 24 also revealed information about a smaller game that is very much worth our attention. With Revenant Hill, The Glory Society, the developers of A Night in the Woods present another game, that once again lets us play as a cute little cat.

Revenant Hill Announced

Just like Night in the Woods, , Revenant Hill maintains an oppressive and at times eerie atmosphere, despite the charming and sweet looks. It's the year 1919, and you'll meet the cat Twigs, who is not having an easy time right now. The barn he was living in in the Lower North has burned down, and he found shelter at a nearby graveyard, at least for a while. Until the owl starts charging rent.

So now, Twigs has to do something. And what would be more profitable for a black cat than becoming a witch's familiar? While the world in Revenant Hill is changing and getting stranger every day, it is your task to build a community for outcasts and the ones who want to join you.

You'll make friends (and a few enemies), host parties for other witches and demons and... things. Also, someone should probably find out what is haunting the factories in town, the hills and forests.

For now, we don't know much more about the upcoming cat-venture (I'm deeply sorry for this one), only that it is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and 5. If you enjoyed Night in the Woods, you should definitely look forward to Revenant Hill though.

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