Revolutionized The Gaming World Like Never Before: Unreal Editor For Fortnite

The technical achievements will totally change our gaming world. Fortnite is setting a good example with the Unreal Editor.

Unreal Editor Fortnite
Revolutionized The Gaming World Like Never Before: Unreal Editor For Fortnite | © Epic Games

The Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) is a new computer program that enables users to design, create, and share games and experiences directly into Fortnite. It is a part of a major update to the Creative mode in Fortnite, informally referred to as "Creative 2.0". The introduction of the Unreal Editor has also brought about enhanced monetization features known as Creator Economy 2.0.

Currently, UEFN is available in public beta, and the developers will gather feedback from the community to improve it before the full release. Although creations made using UEFN can be played on all platforms, the application itself is only available on PC.

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Users can convert islands created in the base Creative client into Unreal Editor Projects, but these projects can only be edited within the Unreal Editor and not in the base Creative client at present.

Revolutionized The Gaming World Like Never Before: Unreal Editor For Fortnite

UEFN is a new tool for designing, developing and publishing content for Fortnite, which leverages the features of Unreal Engine 5 to create new experiences for millions of players. UEFN is additive to Fortnite's existing Creative toolset, providing developers and Fortnite creators with a powerful collection of features to build Fortnite islands.

With UEFN Beta, you can rig and animate using Control Rig and Sequencer, block out geometry directly using Unreal Engine's modeling tools, and add visual effects using the Niagara VFX system and Post Process Volumes.

UEFN also allows users to import their own custom content and publish original works owned by them. In addition, UEFN is being launched alongside a new programming language called Verse, which offers powerful customization capabilities for scripting alongside existing Fortnite Creative tools and teams. Verse is designed as a programming language for the metaverse, with upcoming features to enable future scalability to open worlds.

Finally, UEFN and Fortnite Creative can be edited by teams in real-time using built-in revision control, enabling easy collaboration for creators and developers.

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