The Transgender, Non-Binary, Violent Open-World Game We Needed

The new Saints Row is once again pushing the agenda of freedom, and this might just be the most inclusive game ever.
Saints row character creation customization
Saints Row allows you to be anyone. | © Saints Row

Look, we live in sensitive times, and within a medium like video games, it's often tough to adjust: Take GTA 5, for example. The game was released almost a decade ago, and now it has to make adjustments to conform to standards that weren't as established then, as they are now. The result? GTA 5 had to scrap some transphobic content.

Saints Row has forever been playing catch-up to GTA, and have long taken the approach of 'whackier is better'. Now, they're getting ahead of the times in the inclusivity department, because the next Saints Row will literally allow you to be whoever you want.

New Saints Row Is Super Inclusive

The new Saints Row trailer shows off some truly next-level customization options: Of course that includes your typical car & gun customization, but the real star is the character customization, which even includes 'modesty options' for the genitals and the chest area. More specifically, the game allows the following:

  • Asymetrical faces
  • Cross gender clothing options
  • Teeth customization to the degree of texture, tint, gloss
  • Muscle and vein definition
  • Prosthetics

These customization options go so deep, that its possible to be anything from a vampire to a furry. As for the guns: You can literally have an RPG in a suitcase.

So yeah... in terms of customization, GTA is not really going to be able to hold a candle to the new Saints Row. The question is, whether the gameplay in Saints Row will match the depth of the game's freedom. We'll find out on August 23, when Saints Row is released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.