GTA 5 Removes Transphobic Content

Rockstar has reacted to some backlash, and removed controversial transphobic content from GTA 5.
The gang is pc, now. | © Rockstar

GTA and controversy. Name a more synonymous duo. The franchise has always been about pushing the agenda of what's acceptable within a video game, so it was surprising for everyone, when it was revealed that the upcoming GTA 6 might be pulling some punches. While that's just a rumor at this point, GTA 5 certainly didn't hold back at all: The torture sequence alone was reason for plenty of controversy, and now some of the game's content has been labeled as transphobic - and Rockstar already reacted.

The drag queens are not the only content that was censored: The Captain Spacetoy figurine also no longer features "interchangeable genitalia". All these changes might be an answer to a plea from OutMakingGames, from September 2021, where they penned an open letter to Rockstar, asking them to reflect on their depiction of trans people, which they claimed to promote "extremely harmful stereotypes".

Of course, the changes could also simply be Rockstar playing it safe in these pc-driven times that w're living in. Either way, we hope it satisfies those who were offended, but it should also be noted that Rockstar is one of the only AAA game developers to ever feature a gay protagonist in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

It is a bit sad to see them have to censor content, when I have no doubt that the devs intention was never to harm anyone - rather their philosophy has always been that no target group is safe from getting the GTA treatment, and it could be argued that roasting everyone to questionable degrees is true inclusivity...