New Silent Hill Game, The Short Message, Releasing Soon

The next Silent Hill game, The Short Message, has just been rated for mature content by Korea's equivalent of ESRB. And the fact that the game has now been rated confirms that it's only months or even weeks away.

Silent Hill Pyramid Head
The Short Message should be out very soon! | © Konami

The Silent Hill games are always marketed in a deliberately mysterious way (sometimes to a fault). But we know how fantastically scary they can be. Seriously, if horror games are your thing then look no further, and if you ever get a chance to play the now-inaccessible P.T. game on an old PS4, do it. Luckily, this article, is about a solid piece of news. No smoke and mirrors, we know that a new Silent Hill game is coming. And that's thanks to the fact that the new game has already been assessed by South Korea's game-rating authority.

The Short Message Gets Rated, Release Expected Soon

The new Silent Hill game, The Short Message, has been rated for mature audiences by South Korea's equivalent of ESRB, which confirms a final build must be ready (you need to submit the finished product to rating boards). You can find the official report about this new Silent Hill game on the website for Korea's Game Rating and Administrative Committee. But long story short: it's a horror-game, and it's not appropriate for kids.

So now that it's been rated, which implies the game is ready to be shipped, how long will we need to wait for release? Well, we think they're aiming for a 2022 holidays release, so we would guess between 4 and 8 weeks (likely sometime in November). But we'll keep you updated once we get an official release date. Until then, why not check out some of these classic older horror games while you wait?

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