The New Silent Hill Film Might Come As Early As 2023!

Silent Hill director Christophe Gans has revealed that he's currently working on a script for a Silent Hill film, and it might be coming very soon.

Silent Hill film
Now we're hyped. | © Konami
We're going to let you down instantly and remind you that we're talking about a new Silent Hill film, and not a new Silent Hill game. There is, in fact, a new Silent Hill game rumored to be in production, but as we said, in this article we're talking about a new film. The director of the game's himself first revealed this project, and it sounds like he has the right mindset for it. Here's what he had to say.

Silent Hill Director Working On Film Script

As reported by French magazine Jeuxvideo, director Christophe Gans has revealed that he's currently working on a script for a 2023 Silent Hill film. Here's what he said about the history of Silent Hill and the direction of the current film they're working on:

"Silent Hill is a bit like Twilight Zone, the Fourth Dimension, a place where anything and everything can happen. I worked on a new Silent Hill which is a Silent Hill of the year 2023 since the film would be released next year, in 2023, and not a Silent Hill as I imagined it in 2006. It is a Silent Hill for today's audiences while being ultra respectful of the saga. I am aware that Silent Hill is a very great video game franchise and a work of art in the noble sense of the term."

It's great that the director is acknowledging how much has changed between now and 2006. Many of the recent attempts to re-imagine older franchises have been plagued by a lack of this understanding.

We're not convinced that this project will really ever take off, and to be honest we're not sure if that's a bad thing. Look, we don't want to sound like cynics, but we all know how terrible film adaptions of games can be...