Sons of the Forest: How To Host A Server And Play With Your Friends

Find out how to host a server in Sons of the Forest and quickly invite your friends to create your own private game for unlimited fun.

Sons of the forest 2
Enjoy the game even more with your friends! | © Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular 2014 horror survival game, The Forest. Although the game has not been officially released, a Steam early access version is available for players to enjoy.

In Sons of the Forest, players are stranded on an uninhabited island, facing unknown horrors lurking in the darkness. Surviving alone can be challenging, which is why the game is best experienced with friends. Here is a guide to help you set up a private multiplayer server of your own.

How To Host A Private Server In Sons of the Forest

As the game is still in early access, there are limited dedicated multiplayer servers available. However, hosting your own server is a viable option to play with your friends.

To start, launch Sons of the Forest and navigate to the Main Menu. There, you will see tabs such as Single Player, Multiplayer, Options, and Exit. Click on Multiplayer to access the server options.

You will be presented with two options, either to join a server or to host a server. Choose the Host option to create your own server. Here, you can set the parameters of the game, including the name of the server and the number of players allowed.

In addition, you can choose between a public server or a private server. If you want to create a private server, turn on the Friends Only setting. Please note that the private server limit is eight players, and it is unclear if the developers plan to increase this limit in the future.

Alternatively, you can join a public server if you do not want to host a private one. With the game's popularity, it should be easy to find a server to join. However, if you encounter any issues with the multiplayer mode, there are fixes available to help you solve the problem.

It is important to remember that early access games may have bugs or minor hiccups that can affect gameplay. As such, patience is key when playing Sons of the Forest. With a little bit of effort and teamwork, you and your friends can survive the terrors of the island together.

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