Sony Will Shut Down Their Most Unique Game Soon

Sony is shutting down one of it's most unique games this year, but players will still be able to play it and purchase it, but there won't be anymore maintenance or anymore events taking place.

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Sad that this is getting shut down. | © Media Molecule

Media Molecule, best known for games like LittleBigPlanet will be shutting down service for one of their most unique titles yet. Dreams has been a unique game for creatives out there who wanted to create their own universes and games and just... dream.

On April 11, 2023 Media Molecule announced that they will be ending the live support for the game in September 2023.

Studio Shifting Priorities For New Game Title

For anyone who enjoyed playing Dreams and just building their own games, this won't be the end of the game completely. Players will still be able to access the game and make new creations, but the live service for the game is going to be dialed back, meaning there won't be any more events.

Before September, a few more updates will still hit Dreams with promised content, like the toy train adventure game, Tren, as well as one more Create mode update.

  • Sadly Dreams is going to take a back seat, but there are many more exciting games to play from Sony, so pick up a PS5 and all the accessories you need for when a new PS5 exclusive title comes out.
We know this won't be an easy message for everyone to hear, and it's certainly not been an easy decision - Dreams has been a special project for Media Molecule and helping this burgeoning community of game developers, tinkerers, creatives, collaborators and dreamers grow and express themselves remains one of the best things we've ever done. Thank you for being part of it with us - we look forward to you joining us on our next adventure.

In their message to players and fans, Media Molecule, also revealed that they are going to be working on a new project, hence why some of the man force of Dreams has to migrate to this new game they're working on.

It has been confirmed that this new title is not going to be a Dreams 2 or anything related to it, but a brand-new game. The studio hasn't revealed the direction of this game and most doubt a sequel of the popular LittleBigPlanet, which means that it will most-likely be a brand-new IP for the studio.

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