Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 4

Over the years Kingdom Hearts has taken us on multiple adventures in all of our favorite childhood worlds. With Star Wars being a Disney IP we could see Kingdom Hearts enter the world of Jedi and Sith, right?
Star Wars and Kingdom hearts
Will Rey and Sora meet? | ©Lucas Film/Square Enix

This weekend, during a 20th anniversary event for the start of the Kingdom hearts franchise, Square Enix surprised everyone with a short trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4.

We were blessed with anime-boy Sora — which had a whole lot of people on Twitter up in arms — a new city called Quadratum, which looked a lot like Tokyo's Shibuya and the same evil heartless monster we know and love. But while we were mesmerized by the aesthetic of Quadratum — or horrified by anime-boy Sora — one avid Star Wars fan was looking completely elsewhere.

[Update, April 27, 2022]

More proof for Star Wars being in Kingdom Hearts 4 has been found. In the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement trailer, there is a scene where a waterfall is shown. That waterfall is the exact same as the one in the forest moon Endor. Here you can see a comparison:

This essentially confirms that the forest moon of Endor from Star Wars will be a world in KH4 (Kingdom Hearts IV) from KingdomHearts

Combining this with the previous proof, it's getting hard to argue that Star Wars will not be part of Kingdom Hearts 4. And let's be real, after so many games, they need something new and that "something new" could very well be Star Wars.

I'd be down, that's for sure.

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The Back of an AT-ST Spotted

In one of the establishing shots, fans spotted a peculiar object in the top right corner. I honestly don't know who took their time to watch the trailer frame-by-frame, but thank you for spotting this little detail.

In a shot around thirty seconds into the trailer we see some nice foliage, greenery and what appears to be the back of an AT-ST foot in the top right corner. Sure, it could just be a blurry dark spot, but it looks an awful lot like the metallic leg of a Star Wars contraption.

Can Star Wars Become a World in Kingdom Hearts 4?

Star Wars belongs to Disney, and throughout the franchise we've visited unique places like Pixar's Monsters Inc. Including a world dedicated to Star Wars would be incredible. The hardest part would be figuring out which of the planets to include, right?

We could also see the inclusion of Marvel worlds, since Marvel is also owned by Disney. Sora and Captain America meet? That could be interesting. Now that we've opened this can of worms, we can also imagine what Square Enix will create with Fox, since Disney also acquired that. Sora in the Simpsons?

So, with such a wide variety of IPs Disney and Square Enix won't have trouble finding new worlds for Sora, Donald and Goofy to explore, right?