Star Wars Outlaws Devs Reveal: Kay Is Inspired By Pirates Of The Carribean Star

Star Wars Outlaws creative director revealed where the inspiration for Kay Vess came from.

Star Wars Outlaws Pirates of the Carribean
Which pirate of the carribean could have inspired Kay Vess? | © Ubisoft/Disney

In Star Wars Outlaws, you can immerse yourself in the criminal underworld of the Star Wars galaxy. This open-world game invites you to explore, smuggle, and navigate the dangerous realm of organized crime dominated by notorious factions like the Pyke Syndicate. Try to make a name for yourself as Kay Vess while evading the Empire's GTA-like wanted system.

Considering those details, Kay definitely has some similarities to our well-known and beloved space scoundrel Han Solo. But Han isn't the only character who inspired the devs for Kay as Julian Gerighty, the creative director, explains.

Star Wars Outlaws Protagonist Kay Vess Is Inspired By Pirates of the Carribean Character

Gerighty recently admitted in an interview that as a child, he was more fascinated by the outlaws Han Solo and Chewbacca than by any of the classic heroes. His fascination inspired him to create characters just like Han Solo and Chewbacca for his own game.

But, of course, Star Wars characters are so often inspired by traditional archetypes that they needed something more. The "likable scoundrel" is great, but a simple female version of Han Solo would be too dull.

  • I know that you don't want a lightsaber, you NEED one. Here you go!

And so Massive also looked at another character played by Harrison Ford, the one and only Indiana Jones, and since we're talking about rouges it is pretty clear that Captain (!) Jack Sparrow was an inspiration too. Smugglers and rouges are usually glad to pass by unknown and unseen, whereas Captain Sparrow desperately seeks the center of attention - much like Kay.

Given the fact that Kay Vess starts out as "a little fish in a colossal pond" as Gerighty describes it, it sounds like we'll accompany her on her journey to becoming the worst smuggler you've ever heard of – but you will have heard of her.

Let's just hope PC gamers get a better start with the game than with Jedi Survivor...

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