Star Wars Outlaws: Devs Reveal Planet Size

In comparison with Starfield, the universe of the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws might be small. But now the devs have revealed some insights about the planets and the planet sizes of the Ubisoft title.

Star Wars Outlaws
The devs have revealed the planet sizes of Star Wars Outlaws | ©Ubisoft

The galaxy far, far away might be one of the most popular sci-fi universes of all time, with thousands of planets, characters and stories. The upcoming Star Wars Outlaws game however pales in comparison with the size of the also upcoming Starfield.

Now the Outlaws devs have given some insights about what makes their planets so special and how big they're going to be.

Star Wars Outlaws Planets Are "Handcrafted"

The newest game title of the Star Wars franchise, called Star Wars Outlaws, is set to be released in 2024. Naturally, the huge fan base is already puzzling about possible features, designs and of course, the vastness of the playable in-game world.

In an interview with Edge Magazine, Star Wars Outlaws Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, talked about the planet sizes and the production effort behind them. According to Gerighty, all planets and playable zones within the game are handcrafted. Also, it's still unknown how many planets will be available to visit.

This is of course a totally different approach compared to the upcoming sci-fi title Starfield by Bethesda, which Outlaws often gets compared to. A "handcrafted universe" will of course be smaller in size than a procedurally generated one. But for most players, it will be probably more important what you can do in the ingame world.

According to Gerighty, the planets will roughly have the size of "two of the zones in Assassin's Creed Odyssey". Despite this, Outlaws aims for a true open world experience and strong storytelling.

It will be interesting to see the differences between the two sci-fi universes and the designed zones and planets. And which of the two feels more alive. Maybe a smaller in-game world with a more dense atmosphere will be more liked by fans than a massive computer procedurally generated one. Big is not always better.

And of course, Star Wars Outlaws has the big advantage, that many people are already knowing the Star Wars universe and lore. Meanwhile, Starfield has to explain the whole setting, lore and world building of their sci-fi universe from the ground up.

And with the outlook to travel more than 1000 planets, it might be a little too much for casual players or even sci-fi enthusiasts.

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