Starfield: Fans Are Hoping For Pets After Concept Art Resurfaces

The anticipation for Starfield is huge, and new in-game mechanics and content gets revealed on a regular basis. Now old concept art resurfaced, and the community went wild.

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Will there be pets in Starfield? |© Bethesda

Starfield is one of the most anticipated game in years and everybody is eagerly waiting for new information regarding ingame mechanics and featured content. Now an old concept art has resurfaced, showing a cat beside a man in a spacesuite. Needlessly to say, the community want to have earth pets

Fans Are Crying Out For Pets In Starfield

Traveling through the vast universe of Starfield will probably be a very lonely experience. Ok, you can have some companions alongside you, but some players might want to role-play a lonely space wanderer, or they don't like companions and other human beings at all.

For these kinds of players, Starfield might have a fellow traveler, nevertheless. Old concept art has just resurfaced on Reddit and ignited the community. On the picture you can see a man in a spacesuit, a little girl and a cat in what looks like a room in a starship or a space station.

Some community members see this as a sign that pets might be a thing in Starfield. Needless to say that the internet is now crying out for pets in the game.

Possible earth pets?
by u/Nevets99 in Starfield

And the chances are high, since pets are a common feature in Bethesda games. I guess we all remember our fellow dogs from the Fallout series. And to be honest, who wouldn't want a cute space cat or space dog on their starship, while traveling the galaxy. Just keep them away from the steering.

So, for every animal lover and sci-fi enjoyer, there might be something big for you on the way. The best of both worlds. Or to say it short like the Reddit user "DustyDeskFan70713":

Dog Name: "Rover"
Origin: "Mars Colony"
Status: "Very good boy."

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