Starfield Companions: Every Confirmed Crewmate

Starfield lets you travel and explore unknown corners of the universe, but you can't do it alone. Crewmates are an important part of the game and all come with their own skillset.

Starfield rumored xbox exclusive
In Starfield, you don't have to explore the universe alone. │ ©Bethesda

You can invite crewmates to join your endeavors in Starfield. They will become a part of your onboard family and all have different skills, quirks and ways to acquire them. This guide will tell you all you need to know about them. Your decisions in game will have a big impact on how your crewmates will perceive you, and they will level up and grow by your side while advancing in the game.

Starfield Companions: All Revealed Companions Overview, General Amount And Invitation

Starfield has over 20 companions, four of which are Constellation members, who you will get through missions. The other ones will be normal NPCs you can meet on your travels, and will straight up ask you to be recruited. Here is a small overview of all the members we already know.


1BarrettCompanionConstellation HQUnknown
2Sam CoeCompanionAkila CityYes
3Sarah MorganCompanionConstellation HQYes


5Adoring FanCrewmateNew AtlantisUnknown
6Marika BorosCrewmateThe ViewpointNo

It would be good to write down some of these information and other things you discover on your travels for later. This official captain's log book can be of great assistance for that.


Starfield barrett
Say hello to Companion number one!│©Bethesda

Barret is a scientist and has expertise in Starship Engineering. He is part of a big space exploration organization called Constellation. Here is a small overview of all his skills.

Starship Engineering4
Particle Beam Weapon Systems3

Sam Coe

I wanna be a cowboy, baby.│ ©Bethesda

Sam Coe is known as a former Space cowboy, he is an expert with the riffle and also an excellent pilot. He will be very helpful on the ship.

Rifle Certification3



Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan Starfield
Sarah Morgan stares right into your soul.│©Bethesda

Even though Sarah Morgan is the current Constellation head, she will still be happy to join your mission. Her skills with Astrodynamics and laser weaponry are very outstanding.



Starfield Large Hero VASCO
Why does Bethesda say it's "unknown" if we can date it? VASCO dating sim DLC confirmed??│©Bethesda

VASCO is one heck of a versatile dude: This fan-favorite robot is your number one expedition partner. You can adopt as many VASCO's as you like, and you can be sure that all of them will be useful on your travels.

Adoring Fan

Adoring fan starfield
Not going to lie, he creeps me out a bit.│ ©Bethesda

Adoring Fan, your number one supporter from The Elder Scrolls franchise, is back better than ever, and if you are ready to deal with his worst, you can have him at his best, which is as a helpful ally on your ship. You just need to select the Hero Worshipped trait during character selection. Just keep in mind that his love language is words of affirmation.

Weight Lifting2

Marika Boros

Marika Boros Starfield
Is it just me or does she look a bit like Emily Blunt? │ ©Bethesda

Marika Boros is an expert in Ballistics and will be in charge of ship and outpost maintenance. You can find her at The Viewpoint Spaceport.



Shotgun Certification1
Particle Beam Weapon Systems1


Starfield heller
He's just happy to be here. │ ©Bethesda

Heller is a solid ally and will mainly strengthen your group. He is a mysterious dude, but you will be able to invite him to your ship when you explore an unknown planet later in the game.

Outpost Engineering3

Which character are you most excited to get to know in Starfield? If you want to find out more about the upcoming game, then this article is perfect for you:

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