Starfield: How To Avoid And Recover From Environmental Damage

Avoiding environmental damage in Starfield is a crucial thing, otherwise your health bar will deplete quickly. Here is how to avoid and recover from environmental damage in Starfield.

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Starfield environmental damage: See here how to stay safe while exploring. | ©Bethesda

Starfield is Bethesda's latest release, and it might be one of the candidates for Game of the Year. With its seemingly infinite world, thousands of planets to explore, the player can do quite a bit in the game. But he will also encounter situations, where the environment surrounding himself will damage him.

Starfield: How To Avoid And Recover From Environmental Damage

Starfield is packed with a variety of planets and moons, each with its own unique features and hazards. This guide will help you deal with environmental damage you might encounter while exploring the game's vast universe.

Avoiding Environmental Damage

In some places like New Atlantis on Jemison, you can roam freely without protective gear. But not every planet in Starfield is as friendly. Some environments can harm you if you're not properly suited up. You'll notice this when you see the “Suit Integrity Failure” status.

To steer clear of environmental damage, always wear your spacesuit, helmet, and backpack while outside. If you prefer to wear regular clothes in safe zones, use the “Hide Spacesuit in Settlements” and “Hide Helmet in Breathable Areas” options in the Spacesuits tab.

Recovering from Environmental Damage

You might encounter environmental damage early in the Starfield main story, especially on Mars. Its atmosphere can hurt you if you're not protected, and you'll see your health slowly deplete, which is marked in orange.

Unlike damage from enemies, you can't heal this orange-marked health with medicine, food, or sleep. To recover, head indoors. Your health will return to normal once you're inside, and the environmental damage indicator will vanish.

Luckily, you can easily avoid environmental damage by making sure you're suited up before venturing out on a new planet. Stay safe out there in the cosmos!

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