Starfield Beginner's Guide: 7 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know Before The Start

Starfield offers a vast playground for everyone, but there are many things the game won't tell you about. But we do! Take the tips from our beginner's guide to heart before venturing into the sci-fi adventure!

Starfield Beginner Guide Things You Need To Know
Starfield: 7 things you need to know before you start the game! | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

During the Early Access phase of Starfield, Bethesda showed us how they successfully implemented the typical RPG they are known for from their classic games, like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. But, we also saw how vast the game can be and how little we truly know.

While playing, we discovered through detours how specific mechanics and things work in space. To save you a lot of time, we have put together the most useful tips we wished we knew beforehand and hope to make your trip a lot smoother!

Without further ado, here are seven tips and tricks you need to know!

Starfield: The Beginner's Guide

Here you'll discover a wealth of information on all things you need to know to get into Starfield, along with several tips and tricks.

Don't Forget The Help-Menu

Starfield Help Menu
Starfield: The help menu will save you a lot of time! | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

One of the biggest tips right from the start: Never forget to check the Help Menu. You'll find a lot of valuable tips hidden there, especially once the game mechanics begin to be more complex. Checking it when you think you might be missing something important will surely help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Skills Are Important To Improve Gameplay, Fitness Especially

Some abilities aren't available at the start from the game, and hide themselves behind the skill tree in Starfield. For example: You can't use a Jet Pack unless you learn "Boost Pack Training" and I highly recommend you do just that! You'll need it most of the time while traveling around and fighting off enemies.

But also the skills "Stealth", "Theft", "Medicine" or "Persuasion" can be a tremendous help to keep in mind and eventually learn. Especially the last one is tied to a minigame during conversations and will make your life in Starfield a lot easier!

One thing that we definitely recommend to keep track of is the "Fitness" skill. You'll run around a lot, and increasing your stamina bar is a big help and improves the overall experience of the game.

Companions Should Get Your Best Weapons

Starfield Low Ammo Weapons
Starfield: Companions have unlimited ammo at their disposal! | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

There is an easy answer as to why your companions should get your best weapons instead of yourself: Companions have unlimited ammo and you don't! The best weapons in the game have less ammo in general, and giving them to your allies is like outrunning the system.

Fast Travel Without Going Back To Ship

As long as there's no enemy around you and your ship isn't docked somewhere, you can fast travel to any place you already discovered! It doesn't matter if you're in a different system. Using this method reduces the number of loading screens and makes the whole process feel more organic.

One Weapon Type Trumps Them All

Starfield Weapon Types
Starfield: Advanced weapons are often stronger than legendary ones. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

The weapon system in Starfield is quite complex, with a huge arsenal of weapons available and the option to customize them. But the most basic thing you should know, is, that there are four different weapon types:

  • Normal
  • Calibrated
  • Refined
  • Advanced

Advanced weapons have a higher damage output compared to their counterparts, and they're even more powerful than normal or calibrated legendary weapons. This applies to the armor system in Starfield too.

As long as the equipment doesn't have "advanced" in its name, there will always be a better version out there, and it's often not worth buying it in the first place, especially if you don't have the money to do it.

Speaking of money, the next tips are about the best ways for you to farm decent amounts of credits in the game!

Forget Junk Items Below A Certain Value

Starfield Junk Items
Starfield: Items with low value aren't even worth your time. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

It's quite overwhelming how many things you can pick up. I always had the feeling of being a hoarder, never having nearly enough room in my inventory. Most of the time the items weren't event worth that space, though.

That's why it's important to just skip the junk items below the Value of 200 and move on. They aren't worth your time, and selling them will only grant you a small fraction of what you need later on in the game.

There are better ways of earning some decent money in Starfield. And the next tip is particularly interesting in that regard! But you can also pick specific Traits (United Colonies Native, for example) to improve your income in general.

Doing Your Faction Quests Gives You Tons Of Money

Doing quests is the most rewarding thing in Starfield. But doing quests from the Faction you belong to is even more rewarding. Upon completion, you'll earn thousands of credits in no time, and you even progress further into the story.

So it's a win-win situation here. And since you're able to join multiple factions, you'll get even more money that way.

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