Starfield: How To Sell Stolen Ships

Looking to get rid of all those spaceships you've stolen? We'll help you sell your stolen ships!

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Starfield: You're going to have to get rid of all those stolen ships eventually. | © Bethesda / screenshot

If you turn to a life of crime in Starfield, you probably don't know where to put all those spaceships that you've hijacked over time. The easiest way to get rid of the evidence, I mean the ships, is by selling them.

The problem is, you can't just sell an unregistered ship. Not legally, at least.

Don't worry, we'll take you along, every step of the way.

Starfield: How To Register And Sell Stolen Ships

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Why have only one ship, when you can have them all? | © Bethesda / screenshot

While selling stolen ships won't amass an insane amount of profit, it will still get you a nice sum of money. Plus, if you count all the loot you got from getting rid of your enemies in order to steal the ship, you're actually making a lot of money.

Eventually, you're not going to want to have too many ships in your collection, at least if you want some kind of tidiness in your game. Especially if you decide to join the Crimson Fleet, you're going to encounter this problem at some point.

In order to sell your stolen ships, you'll have to go to a Ship Services Technician. You'll find them at most major spaceports, like in New Atlantis, for example.

But, before you can actually sell the stolen ships, you have to register them first.

When talking to the technician, choose the "buy and sell" option. From there, if you choose a ship that you've previously stolen, you can register it first by paying the required fee. It's a pretty high fee that can be up to 90% of the ship's worth, but you'll still make profit off of selling those stolen ships.

After successfully registering the ship, you can choose to sell the ship by picking the "sell" option.

Starfield: How To Steal Ships

Well, if you haven't gone rogue yet, but are thinking about it, here are some tips to help you commit crimes.

Look at me being a good influence on people.

First, you'll want to increase your piloting skill to rank 4, to ensure that you can pilot every ship class. Otherwise, it might be pretty frustrating to battle your way through an enemy ship only to realize you can't even take it with you, because your piloting skills are too bad.

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While there are many ways you attempt to steal an enemy ship, the most simple solution is to disable the ship's engines by shooting at them. Be careful to only do as much damage as needed.

After you've successfully stopped the enemy ship from flying away, get close enough to it, so you can board it. Get ready to fight quite a few enemies here.

Once you've defeated them all, gather all your loot and go to the cockpit. Enter the cockpit, take a seat in the pilot's chair and get ready for takeoff!

Don't worry about your old ship, it should automatically fly to your ship collection.

That's it! You may not make a ton of money off of stealing ships, but hey, it's honest work. Or is it?

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