Starfield Persuasion: Complete Guide

In Starfield, Persuasion is key If you want to make the most out of each conversation. It's one of the most useful skills in the game, and we will tell you how the system works and which benefits await you!

Starfield Persuade Complete Guide
Starfield Persuasion: See here how to master one of the best skills in the game. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

The Persuasion system in Starfield is a challenging little minigame, which you'll encounter during conversations with NPCs. If you successfully persuade a person, you may get information you seek, trigger new events or get out of a situation without the need to fight.

There are different options you can choose from, and some of those can piss off a lot of people really quickly. So be wary and don't always pick the most risky response that offers the most points. But understanding the system is key to save you a lot of effort.

Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about the Persuasion system in Starfield!

Starfield: Persuasion Explained

Starfield Persuade Dialoge
Most conversations in Starfield offer you the option to persuade the NPC. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

While talking with different NPCs, you will encounter the option [Persuade] during dialogues. This is the point where you want to save your game if possible, as we're about to enter a little minigame. And as you have only a limited number of turns, you need to make the most of it.

The main objective of this minigame is to fill all the Persuasion bars visible in the bottom-left corner. You'll be given several choices with different colors and numbers, with a range from kind words to outright threats against the person or the whole crew.

Meaning Of The Colors & Numbers

  • Green = Easy difficulty with fewer points but with a high likelihood to pass
  • Yellow = Medium difficulty with higher points
  • Red = Hard difficulty, with the highest possible points but the lowest chance of passing successfully

The numbers reflect how many Persuasion bars will be filled if you succeed in the conversation.

If you realize you can't fill the bar with your last answer, choose a green one! It usually gives you an extra turn, increasing your chances of completing the bar in time. To excel at this game, it's essential to have a good strategy and a feeling of how the NPCs might respond to different answers.

Starfield: Raise Your Persuasion

Starfield Persuasion Skill
Starfield: In order to be successful in the minigame, you need to level up the Persuasion skill! | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

In order to be successful in Persuasion, you'll need to raise your level at some point. But there are different ways to improve your Persuasion skill in Starfield.

Some of those options are questionable at best. But hey, they still count! This overview will help you to maximize your chances during the Persuasion!

  • Unlock and upgrade the Persuasion Skill in the Social skill bar with an upgrade up to 50 % increased chance of success
  • Be vigilant and pay attention to what the NPCs says before and during the persuasion attempt
  • Consume alcohol that grants a temporary buff
  • Take pills like Hippolyta or Paramour
  • Unlock and upgrade the Negotiation Skill granting you the chance to bribe the NPC

It's worth keeping the system in mind and safe on a regular basis. Sometimes you accidentally pick the wrong answer, or you fail the conversation completely, and that's that. Just reload the safe file and try again until you're satisfied with the outcome.

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