Starfield: How To Get Rid Of Status "Suit Protection Depleted"

If you got the Starfield notification "Suit Protection Depleted", you need to act swiftly, otherwise this could cause serious damage! Here is what to do.

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Starfield – What to do when suit protection is depleted | © Bethesda

While playing Starfield, you might notice a warning notification, stating that your suit protection is depleted. This common notification should not be underestimated because it can cause serious damage to your character's health if it's being ignored. Luckily, there is an easy solution to get rid of this warning. Here is what to do, if your suit protection is depleted.

Starfield "Suit Protection Depleted" – What To Do

If you get the warning "Suit protection depleted", that means that you have less protection right now and are more exposed to the radiation and cosmic rays. This can happen when you have been exposed to extreme weather conditions for too long. Now you have to act fast, here is what to do.

Find shelter as soon as possible! Just go back to your ship, or your house for a while. You will most likely have to wait for a while until your protection has recovered. Over time, the effect will then disappear, and the issue will be resolved.

To minimize this problem in the future, you can upgrade your suit by adding modifications to it. Here is a guide on how to avoid environmental damage from now on.

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