Starfield New Game Plus Explained

In Starfield, New Game Plus is integrated in a really interesting way. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including how you unlock it, what elements reset and what you get for starting the game again.

Starfield New Game Plus Explained
Starfield: New game plus mode has some interesting twists. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

Starfield is a huge game, with thousands of planets and quests. And once you’re done with it all, you can do it again! But, there are some twists to Starfield’s new game plus, which actually makes it well worth for players.

Starfield: How To Unlock New Game Plus

Once you reach Starfield’s last main mission, called One Giant Leap, you can decide to delay ending the game, which puts you back into the universe and you can keep playing like you’ve been until this point.

If you decide to go through with the ending, you will complete the main story and jump straight into new game plus.

What You Gain And Lose With New Game Plus

Starfield Panorma
Starfield: The atmosphere is getting thick in the New Game Plus. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

Like with most other new game plus modes, a lot of progress in Starfield is reset when you start your second playthrough. But you also get to keep some stuff, and even gain new things. But first, here’s an overview of everything that resets with new game plus:

Wow, that really is a lot! However, you get to keep your level, your skills and your powers. If you happen to find a power you already have through an artifact or temple in the world, you will get an upgraded version of the power. And, on top of that, you get a spacesuit and ship, which are frankly worth the trouble.

Starfield: Reveal You're Starborn Or Keep It A Secret

Before you fully dive into your next run in Starfield you need to choose if you want to reveal yourself as a Starborn or keep it a secret from everyone. As this is probably the most important decision in the whole run, these are the consequences you need to face:

  • Reveal you're Starbon – You can skip the main quest, and go over to collecting the artifacts directly. Because of this, you won't meet some companions the previous way, and you need to seek them out yourself if you want to have them in your party.
  • Keep it a secret – Repeat the story missions just like in the previous run, but you're granted access to different Starbon dialogues – making a lot of situations much easier to handle.

Starfield: New Game Plus Suit & Ship

Starfield New Game Plus Ship and Suit
Starfield: Starborn Guardian ship and Spacesuit Astra. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

You start your new game plus with the Starborn Spacesuit Astra and the Starborn Guardian ship. These are both really awesome, especially the suit. It’s Legendary and one of the best suits in the game, with max defense stats and three great perks:

  • Bolstering: Grants up to +100 Energy resistance and Physical resistance, the lower your health
  • Resource Hauler: Resources weigh 25% less
  • Sentinel: 75% chance to reduce damage by 50% while standing still

The Starborn Guardian is a dope ship as well, with really strong weapons, over a ton of cargo space and room for five crew members. Unfortunately, it is not customizable.

Starfield: Changes In Missions

The most memorable thing you'll ultimately get through New Game Plus and repeating the main story is the fact, that a lot of the missions are altered, or have a different outcome.

There are multiple quests that will play out differently, but the most important outcome happens during the "A High Price to Pay" quest, as one of your beloved companions need to die. This time around, you have the opportunity to save all characters!

There are also multiple random events which could happen during your playthrough, which will change the whole run. Like the Constellation being taken over by children, the whole crew being dead, assassinated by a different version of yourself or the House of Va'ruun having taken over The Lodge and Andreja leading them.

This isn't even a fraction of the possible events that can happen, but we don't want to spoil the fun too much, and let you discover the rest by yourself.

And that’s all you need to know about new game plus!

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