Starfield: How To Get All Endings

Embark on an epic cosmic journey in Starfield and discover how to unlock all endings with our comprehensive guide. Your choices will shape the destiny of your adventure.

Starfield All Endings
Here is how to get all endings in Starfield | ©EarlyGame, Bethesda

BIG SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information on the different endings of the game. If you don't want to get spoiled, you might want to read some of our other articles on Starfield.

Starfield offers a variety of endings that depend on the choices you make during the game. Here's a guide to help you unlock all the different endings.

How To Get All Endings In Starfield

Starfield has multiple endings, and each one offers a unique conclusion to your journey. The ending you get is determined by the decisions you make during the game. There are various choices that influence the outcome, so let's explore how to achieve each ending.

The Peaceful Ending

Starfield Dialog
Chat with some lads and always keep it respectful for this ending | ©Bethesda

By following these steps, you'll achieve the peaceful ending, where your character helps bring harmony to the galaxy.

  • Choose Diplomacy: Throughout the game, prioritize diplomatic solutions to conflicts.
  • Avoid Major Confrontations: Refrain from engaging in large-scale battles or conflicts.
  • Form Alliances: Forge strong alliances with various factions and groups.
  • Complete Peaceful Quests: Focus on quests that promote peace and cooperation among factions.

The Renegade Ending

Following these steps will result in the renegade ending, where your character leads a rebellion against the powers that be.

  • Embrace Rebellion: Choose to defy authority and challenge the established order.
  • Make Controversial Choices: Opt for morally ambiguous decisions and actions.
  • Form a Rebel Alliance: Seek out like-minded individuals and form a rebel faction.

The Explorer Ending

Starfield Ship Takeoff
Keep exploring to play this ending | ©Bethesda

This path leads to the explorer ending, where your character becomes renowned for their discoveries and contributions to science.

  • Explore Vigorously: Dedicate your time to exploring new planets, star systems, and uncovering the galaxy's mysteries.
  • Catalog Everything: Gather extensive knowledge about the galaxy's flora, fauna, and artifacts.
  • Document Your Journey: Keep a detailed log of your adventures, discoveries, and interactions.

The Mercenary Ending

This path leads to the mercenary ending, where your character becomes a wealthy and influential figure in the galaxy.

  • Prioritize Profit: Focus on accumulating wealth and resources.
  • Take Mercenary Jobs: Accept contracts and missions that offer substantial rewards.
  • Build a Wealthy Network: Establish connections with rich and influential individuals.

The way to the ending differs, but all of those above have the same ending. In the end, you can jump in the Unity, which will give you the opportunity to play the NewGame+.

Of course, you can decide not to go into the Unity right away. But it's important to know that doing this won't finish the game or allow you to start NewGame+. You can keep exploring, learning new skills in your current game, and enter the Unity whenever you're ready to finish your first playthrough.

Achieving Multiple Endings

Starfield allows you to experience different endings in separate playthroughs. To explore all the endings, simply create new characters and make distinct choices each time.

By following these guidelines, you can unlock all the different endings in Starfield and experience the diverse outcomes of your journey through the cosmos. Enjoy exploring the galaxy and shaping your character's destiny!

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