Can You Stream Games On The Steam Deck?

Steamdeck game pass
Can you stream games on the steam deck? Let's take a look. | © Valve

Valve are winning all the headlines right now with their Steam Deck. It's impressive under the hood, and it's reasonably priced, so why not. But now we need some cold hard facts about which games it can really play, and how. So let's start simple - can the Steam Deck be used to Stream games? Answers below.

Perhaps you've only now heard about streaming games, or perhaps you've already jumped right in with Stadia. It's a good concept, and as internet speed improves, it'll become increasingly viable. So this question will only become more pertinent throughout the Steam Deck's life cycle. Especially so, if more competitors emerge in the space; Nintendo will keep doing their thing, but what if an impressive new Vita or an Xbox handhold comes out?

Note: We'll keep this page updated as and when we hear more news.

Will The Steam Deck Be Able To Stream Games?

Yes. Valve have confirmed that you can install Windows on your Steam Deck just like on any other PC. Thus, nothing is off limits: You can legally install Game Pass, Stadia, Luna or whatever streaming service you prefer. Even competitor Epic Games can be installed. Also, Steam already has Remote Play, which you can also use to play more demanding games on your Steam Deck.

All that aside, there's really no need for streaming. The Steam Deck boasts impressive specs, more than impressive enough to negate the need for streaming. Perhaps to save disk space streaming, makes sense, but we don't envision this being the primary use of the Steam Deck.

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When Is The Steam Deck Released?

The Steam Deck will release in December 2021. For now, the new handheld is only available for orders in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Of course, the Steam Deck will also release in other regions, but those will have to wait until 2022.

It'll set you back at least $399, but the hardware under the hood more than justifies this price point. In fact, the Steam Deck will almost certainly be produced at a loss for Valve. Are you going to get one?

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