Street Fighter 6: Here's How the Character Creator Works

Street Fighter 6 is the first Street Fighter game to let you create your own character, and... it really let's you create anything.

Street fighter 6 character creator
I'm bringing Ivy to Street Fighter... for research... | © Capcom

Street Fighter 6 has entered its beta, so now people get to test the game. Duh, that's betas are for. Obviously, the heart of any Street Fighter game is the gameplay - and the netcode, actually - but since Street Fighter 6 let's you create characters for the first time... people were kinda curious to see what's possible, and well... anything goes.

Street Fighter 6 Character Creator Explained

Before we get into how created characters will be implemented into the game, I first gotta give you a rundown on the absolutely ridiculous characters that people have created. There seems to really be no limit to what you can do, and no realistic standard by which characters are measured by, but... see for yourself:

Yeah, if you're wondering how that's gonna work hitbox-wise... that makes two of us. I honestly have no idea how these characters are going to work in action, and - personally - absolutely loathe silly characters like that and never saw how that's funny, but hey... subjective, right? Luckily, there are also some beta players with taste:

In case you were wondering: Yes you can take your created fighter online, into the multiplayer Battle Hub and the World Tour mode. Again, I reiterate: How the F, is that gonna work in terms of hitboxes? It really is beyond me, and I sure hope these abominations of characters don't ruin the fun...

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