Street Fighter 6 Will Finally Let You Create Your Own Fighter

Capcom had a little showcase as part of the Tokyo Games Show and they showed off the fantastic looking new character creator for Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Character Creator
Street Fighter 6 will finally have a character creator and it looks brilliant. | © Capcom

Street Fighter 6 looks amazing. Capcom is doing a brilliant job in showing off the game and creating hype after the huge letdown that was Street Fighter 5. During the Tokyo Game Show, the publisher held a showcase where they revealed updates and new info for a number of new games, including Street Fighter 6. And our highlight was the amazing character creator, which will let you make your own fighter.

Fight As Yourself in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 will feature a brand-new mode, called "World Tour", which is an extensive single player mode. It already looked rad as hell, especially thanks to its cool open world concept. It was now revealed that you will play as your own fighter in World Tour, who you can creator in a brand-new editor. And it looks really great. Check out some screenshots from the character creator here:

It looks like you will have tons of options to get really creative and create a unique fighter. Next to tons of cosmetic options, there will also be gear, which will affect stats. I can't wait to finally make my own fighter, especially since Capcom refuses to do that themselves: the newly revealed characters were again just known fighters from the old games like Ken, Dhalsim, Honda and Blanka... ah well, the game still looks amazing.