Will The Yakuza Series Come To Switch?

Nintendo Switch players are always screaming about wanting every single game for the Switch. The Yakuza games being a perfect example. There are some new about this now... be prepared to cry.

Yakuza switch
Will Yakuza join the list of Nintendo Switch games? | © Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios

Did you guys hear that Splatoon 3 had one of the most successful launches in Japan? That alone should tell you just how much the Japanese love their Nintendo Switch. It's almost a stamp of pride like: yeah, I'm from the Nintendo country (I'm not trying to undermine Japan, I promise).

It's no surprise then that many fans were hoping for the Yakuza series to join the games that release on the Switch and that's what we're going to ask ourselves today.

Will Yakuza Release On Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, it looks like Yakuza will not release for the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. In an interview with IGN, head of RGG Studios Masayoshi Yokoyama said the following:

First of all, whether our games will run on the Switch is probably the first question [...] And when it comes to the Switch, it’s kind of a system for a younger audience…it's how we picture it in Japan anyway, for kids. So do we want to put a title, where we're going and picking a fight with the world, and doing all this Yakuza stuff, on a Switch? Will people be happy if we do that? And we're not confident that they will. So that's why we're probably not aiming for it.

That doesn't sound like good news at all. However, one smart reporter that was present during the roundtable interview did point out that the Switch had games like Doom. And what Yokoyama had to say next does give us a bit of hope.

I am, too, thinking that the perception of the Switch, is changing, and maybe because of that one day we will put it out on the Switch, but still in Japan the image of the Switch is more something you put next to the register at a supermarket or something. You'll line up all those games. If you want to have the Yakuza game right there with all the others…I don't feel like I want to do that yet.

So, there you go. It seems like the Yakuza series will not release on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, but the console, as well as its perception, are changing. So, there is a very real possibility that Yakuza will release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.

Until then, there are plenty of other games that you can play on the Switch...