Switch Getting Exclusive Disney Game That Looks Lit

The Nintendo Switch is getting an excluisve Disney game - Disney Illusion Island, which... actually looks amazing.

Disney illusion island
The Switch is getting a gorgeous game in Disney Illusion Island. | © Disney

So, I never would've assumed that 'lit' is the word that comes to mind when describing an exclusive Disney game for the Switch. I mean... Disney and Switch? That just screams cash grab, but this one is definitely bringing the quality: Disney Illusion Island (even the title sounds like a cash grab) is a four-player platformer, with graphics that are literally your childhood cartoons fully realized in a playable format.

Disney Illusion Island Trailer Reveal

Disney's Fab 4 are getting together for this one: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, and you can play either of them, while your friends fill the remaining slot, via... get this: Couch co-op. Yeah, this game is bringing us the old school visuals, as well as the old-school gameplay, but in a modern packaging: Crisp graphics, voice-acting all around... it's a Disney-dream come true.

Disney sure went all out with their announcements, though to be honest, most of it was about TV and movies, while the other big game announcement is not quite as family friendly: The upcoming Black Panther and Captain America game will be set during the Second World. Disney is doing it all: Catering to the family and the veterans, but as far as Illusion Island is concerned, here's what the devs - who also did the new Battletoads game, by the way - are promising:

Choose your favorite character – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, or Goofy – and embark on a grand adventure solo or grab up to three friends in this cooperative 2D adventure platformer. Run, swim, swing, and jump your way through the beautifully hand-crafted world and discover rich biomes and environments as you try to save the world from disaster! Unlock powerful abilities, solve fun puzzles and take on epic boss battles, discover hidden secrets, and meet a cast of original characters as you travel through the never-before-seen island of Monoth.