The Best Co-Op Games To Play On PlayStation, Xbox And Nintendo Switch

Multiplayer gaming doesn't necessarily mean to play against each other: There are several co-op games on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox that are designed for cooperative PvE gameplay. So if you're looking for some nice co-op titles to play with your friends and family, check out our suggestions!

Co-op games can be quite exciting, especially because you never really know what your game mate is gonna do next. Furthermore, dedicated co-op games often include unique types of riddles that can't be solved alone, which makes them extra special.

By now, there are plenty of co-op games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation, so which ones are most worthy to play? To help you find the perfect next cooperative video game you're looking for, check out our video above where we show you five great co-op games to play with your family or your friends.

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