The 10 Best Pokémon Ever

With so many Pokémon, it's hard to filter out just ten of the best. That's what we're trying to do today, though.

Best pokemon
I mean... how cute is that?! | © GameFreak

Who is the best Pokémon? A topic that everyone will have a different opinion on. So, before you jump into our comment section and complain about how horrible of a human being I am for picking Pokémon XYZ, just know that you are very much entitled to your own opinion (unless you don't think that Bulbasaur is cute, then please leave now and get therapy).

We've sat down and thought about some of the best Pokémon that we've gotten over the last 800 years (just as long as Ash has been alive, I feel like). Here are our ten favorites.

The Best Pokémon


Rapidash best pokemonn
The OG. | © GameFreak

Rapidash is an OG. The shiny version is also super super cool, and it's been such a favorite that it even got a Galar form! I personally will forever like the OG one more, though, but only because of all the fond childhood memories.

Also, Rapidash is a pure Fire type, which isn't as common as you'd think. The Galar version is Psychic/Fairy, so if that's rather your playstyle, go for the Galar version.


Best pokemon luxray
Look how iconic... | © GameFreak

Luxray is a rare breed because he has three evolutions that I genuinely love. Shinx is one of the cutest Pokémon ever (though, that list is long too) and even Luxio is a great stage. That doesn't happen too often in Pokémon that all three evolutions are great.

Luxray can be an incredibly strong Pokémon too, so if you'd like to have an Electric type on your team, go for Luxray.


Bulbasaur best pokémon
I'm DONE. | © BulbaGanda via Twitter

The reason why I didn't turn this into a ranking is because Bulbasaur straight up would have been my number one. I mean, look at it. LOOK. AT. IT. I can't. I swear, out of all the Pokémon that we've got, nothing will ever come close to Bulbasaur.

I cried my eyes out in Detective Pikachu because it was so damn cute. But I know that it's not just about cuteness (at least for some people), so there you go, Bulbasaur being somewhere in the middle (though in my heart, you're number one, baby <3).


Best pokemon tsareena
Slay, queen. | © The Pokémon Company

Literally one of the sassiest Pokémon we've ever gotten, and I live for it. Tsareena is a pure grass Pokémon and can learn some pretty hardcore attacks after level 50 (Leaf Storm and High Jump Kick).

She's also pretty good in Pokémon Unite if you fancy that game. Try her out there too!


Best pokemon scorbunny
I can't with the cuteness. | © GameFreak

Another starter, this time Scorbunny, the Fire starter of Sword and Shield. Like with Luxray, Scorbunny has three evolutions that slap and while that is rare, it is even rarer for starters (Grookey, they did you so dirty).

Whenever I re-play Sword and Shield, I can't get myself to pick any other starter. Scorbunny is just the best. Period.


Best pokemon dragonair
Such a pretty Pokémon. | © Nirth via YouTube

It is rare that I like the second evolution more than the first or the last. I do like Dragonite, but I feel like it really doesn't fit the chain of evolution. Dragonair looks so majestic and then Dragonite just looks like an uncle with a beer belly.

Spam-B, guys. Dragonair is the best out of the three!


Best pokemon kyurem
Iconic legendary Pokémon. Period. | © GameFreak

It was tough to filter out just one legendary Pokémon and I think Kyurem will be a controversial pick, but I always loved it.

I also really love Black Kyurem, so fight me, but I will win the argument: Kyurem is (one of) the best legendary Pokémon.


Best pokemon milotic
Literally one of the best Pokémon ever. | © GameFreak

Milotic is one of the most majestic Pokémon ever. I also love how it evolves from Feebas, which, on the other hand, is one of the ugliest Pokémon ever. It's the whole "ugly duckling evolving into beautiful swan" type of trope.

The shiny Milotic is also incredibly beautiful... if you ever manage to get your hands on it.


Best pokemon pikachu
I can't. I seriously can't with him. | © Warner Bros.

I can't do a list like this and not include Pikachu somewhere. It is the most perfect Pokémon ever and if Detective Pikachu proved one thing for me, it's that I would kill for my own little yellow friend.

Especially in Pokémon Unite, though, Pikachu is actually quite strong, so I'm not just basing this off of looks (just 98%).


Best pokemon altaria
Mega Altaria FTW. | © GameFreak

Mega Altaria has a hat of clouds, and it looks like a wig from some old pianist dude or a ship's captain from the old Navy. I absolutely live for this.

Though, "normal" Altaria is also pretty good and one of my favorite Pokémon ever. I just really like Dragon type Pokémon, they always felt so special and strong.

And there you go, ten of our favorite Pokémon ever. With currently over 900 Pokémon out there, picking just ten isn't exactly easy, but these ten are definitely some that I would always want in my team.