Worst Place to Hide Stolen Pokémon Cards Worth $70K

A hardcore Pokémon fan stole over 500,000 Pokémon cards from his boss, and decided to hide is newly acquired stash at his moms house.

Most valuable pokemon cards
Some of these go for insane amounts. | © Kotaku

Pokémon card robberies have become a recurring phenomenon, and it seems like people will go to extreme lengths in order to get these valuable cards into their hands. And this is where we come to our 28-year-old warehouse worker from London, who tried to dabble in the Pokémon theft business, which didn't go so successful.

Londoner Steals 500,000 Pokémon Cards

As The Mirror reports, a guy named Kyriacos Christou, confessed to stealing $70,000 worth of Pokémon cards, when his boss caught him, by installing some cameras when he grew suspicious of his activities. The police found an insane half a million cards at his mother's house, though some of them were from his brother, who apparently is a Pokémon YouTuber.

If you thought this was dumb, you haven't heard the icing on the cake, because the Londoner decided to list the stolen cards on his own eBay account... Luckily for him, he was able to avoid jail, as long as he paid back the owed amount. Christou has to pay 6,000 pounds and fulfill 175 hours of unpaid labor.

Imagine having to go to prison with murderers over stolen Pokémon cards... Guess he learned his lesson, and won't be stealing any Pokémon cards any time soon. Is it just me, or are the thieves nowadays becoming dumber?