New Game From Dead Space Devs Looks Amazing... And Scary

The masterminds behind Dead Space are finally back at it, and they're new outing is The Calisto Protocol: A game even darker than Dead Space

Callisto protocol dead space
Bro, your breath is harsh... | © The Calisto Protocol

Alright, so if you didn't know, then I am about to enlighten you who one of the masterminds behind Dead Space is: Glen Schofield. Since blessing us with Dead Space, Schofield has gone on to create a new studio: Striking Distance Studio. Now, Striking Distance Studios has revealed its debut title: The Callisto Protocol, a game directly following in the footsteps of Dead Space.

Dead Space Continues with The Calisto Protocol

The Calisto Protocol is set aboard the Black Iron Prison, and you take control of one of the prisoners - Jacob Lee - as he tries to survive the horrors aboard: Mutants. The devs have promised that The Calisto Protocol will "be the single scariest game for PC and consoles". That means something coming from the person responsible for the horrors that Dead Space brought us.

In fact, the gore in The Calisto Protocol is so intense, that they had to create their own gore technology for it:

It's got some pretty horrific moments, it really does. We have a gore engine - we built gore technology. It's a lot of rendering, and you break up the characters into jumps, cut them up with bones sticking out and all that.

Even more in fact, the studio went as far as to study real examples of violence and gore. Admitting it stirred up quite some controversy, though I have to ask people: With the internet being what it is, don't you think every single director workin in visual entertainment and trying to create gore does the same?

Nowadays the internet is loaded with those kinds of pictures. I mean, these guys were looking at some horrible stuff. It's hard to tell now on the internet. Is that real, or is that fake? There's some horrible stuff - like pictures of people who just shot their face off. And we have reams of that data. They really get into it. It doesn't bother them after a while.

Sounds as intense as it sounds promising. Also, that's certainly not a game for me, because I don't do well with horror... not when I'm trying to actually catch some sleep...