"Please Wait": The Last of Us PC Port Brings Players To Despair

The Last of Us is finally on PC, and it’s a disaster. The long-awaited port is plagued with tons of issues, including ridiculous loading times and constant crashes.

PC players literally had to wait 10 years for The Last of Us to finally get away from the PlayStation and get a PC port. Now, this version is finally out and has completely pooped the party. The Last of Us on PC is plagued with endless issues and seems like a complete disaster.

The Last of Us Part 1 On PC Sucks – Developer Promises Updates

By the time of writing, The Last of Us has a user rating of “Mostly Negative” after 5,875 reviews on Steam, due to 66% of them giving a thumbs down. And the picture they paint quickly becomes clear. The PC version of the game has tons of issues: the game keeps crashing, building shaders takes ages, the game completely devours resources like crazy and loading times… oh, the loading times. Straight from hell. At this point, players are probably traumatized by the words “please wait”, which appear any time the game needs to load. And it does that a lot.

And yes, it runs like crap on Steam Deck too. Expecting a game as resource heavy and with such high fidelity as The Last of Us on Steam Deck was always a pipe dream, but it is funny how bad it’s looking on there.

People are super bummed out though, and understandably so. Here are some Steam reviews that show off the massive disappointment:

The single worst PC port I have ever seen. Waited 10 years for the game, avoiding any and all walkthrough videos, reviews, spoilers and etc. and this disgusting excuse of a port ruined every single ounce of excitement I had for the game. Building shaders for almost 2 hours now, crashes in main menu while building shaders every 5 or so minutes.
Loading Screen Simulator – please wait, please wait, please wait
Pre-purchased & pre-loaded. Launched it as soon as it was ready. Went to the setings (sic). Never could get past the menu screen which always crashes when the game displays a notification at the bottom right corner that reads ‘BUILDING SHADERS’.

At least there are some other great games coming out this year:

Of course, there is some exaggeration at play here, but players are genuinely angry and disappointment at the terrible state of this port. At the very least, developer Naughty Dog has acknowledged the issues and responded, promising to work on fixing them:

Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long for them to fix the worst issues. The Last of Us is a masterpiece, and PC players deserve to fully enjoy this game in the best possible state.

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