The Last of Us Playtime: How Long Do You Need To Complete Part 1?

If you want to know more about the playtime of The Last of Us, you've come to the right place. Here's how long it takes to beat The Last of Us Part 1.

The Last of Us Part 1 is considered one of the best single-player experiences of all time. | © Naughty Dog

The year of 2023 will continue to be known as the last of The Last of Us. In addition to the revered video game series sparkling on the big screen as an HBO show adaptation, PC players now finally get their chance to play The Last of Us. Part 1 of the series released on PC on March 28, 2023 for the first time. While PC users might have seen the new HBO show or seen gameplay from the PlayStation 3, 4, or 5 versions, they can now experience the single-player phenomenon for themselves.

However, before some PC players decide to pick the game up, they might be interested in exactly how long it will take them to beat it. After all, some video games require days and days of playtime to beat, which is a huge time commitment. In this guide, we'll break down exactly how long it will take players to beat The Last of Us Part 1.

The Last of Us Playtime: How Long To Beat TLoU Part 1

The Last of Us Part 1 Ellie Anna
The Last of Us Playtime: Here's how much time is needed to complete TLoU Part 1. | © Naughty Dog

For starters, the amount of time each user spends in The Last of Us Part 1 will mostly depend on the player themself. If players want to breeze right through the main story on the easiest difficulty, then the game won't take long to beat at all. However, if players struggle with the combat and defeating enemies, then the game will take much longer to get through.

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According to, though, the average player beats The Last of Us Part 1 in roughly 15 hours. This is just for the main story and on a normal difficulty. If players want to complete some side quests or up the difficulty, they can expect to add anywhere from two to four hours of extra playtime.

Finally, if players are looking to do a completionist run and complete every bit of content in The Last of Us Part 1, then they expect to put in around 22-25 hours. As previously stated, though, every player's time put in will be different from another player's, so you'll have to experience The Last of Us Part 1 for yourself and determine how long you spend in Joel and Ellie's world.

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