This Shooter Has Fully Destructable Maps And It Looks Incredible

The upcoming free-to-play shooter THE FINALS has just released a beta trailer, revealing insights on its innovative gameplay and mechanics, featuring destructible maps that look amazing.

THE FINALS Concept 001 1400x787
This shooter has fully destructible maps. | © Embark Studios

Free-to-play shooter THE FINALS went viral last year due to its innovative gameplay, interactive and fully destructible maps, and the fact that the game is free. It deserves all the attention it can get this year because it goes above and beyond what we expect from free-to-play shooters, and it offers a bunch of new concepts for the genre. We just got a first beta trailer, and it already looks incredible.

Free-To-Play Shooter THE FINALS Has Fully Destructible Map

The upcoming game by Embark Studios, THE FINALS already went viral for its innovative gameplay and hyperrealistic environment. We can be certain, it will be nothing like what we've seen before. This game has it all, whether it's whole buildings collapsing in hot graphics, or cowboys tanking with rocket launchers, if you think something could work, it probably will. Find out more about the release and where to get it down below.

THE FINALS Release Window

If we have awoken your interest about this game, and you're as excited about it as we are, there is good news. THE FINALS will get released in this year. Although the official release date hasn't been decided yet, we assume that it's going to be at some point in the end of 2023. The game is going to come to PC and all next-gen consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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