Apparently, Crash Bandicoot Is Getting Two New Games

Hey, so... Crash Bandicoot is apparently getting two more games. People are excited. Are you?

Crash bandicoot two new games
What are they gonna be? | © Naughty Dog

I'm going to be very real with you here. I was a Sonic, Mario and Pokémon kinda girl during my days as a child (Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has me quaking right now). Crash Bandicoot? Never heard of her. Until I started working in this industry. When I told my team this morning that allegedly two new Crash Bandicoot games were in the works, they got super excited.

So let me share the news with you for you to also get excited (but keep it on the low, the words allegedly and apparently are here for a reason).

Crash Bandicoot Allegedly Getting Two New Games

You know TheRealInsider, right? The leaker who revealed info on things like the Metal Gear Solid remake and with a track record of basically 100% on his leaks? Yeah, that dude ended up being a YouTuber who broke NDAs (so no wonder he got everything right). Anyway, this leak comes from him, so you can expect this to be correct too. But until Naughty Dog comes forward, we will keep the words apparently and allegedly in here. Better safe than sorry... is what my parents never said... unfortunately...

Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League

The one leak is that Crash Bandicoot: Wumpa League is coming. This one has actually been revealed before through a leaked roadmap, so the chances of this being correct are very high. It never got revealed to the public, though, but we're all little Sherlock Holmes' here.

Crash 5

The second game that will come is apparently Crash 5, which makes sense after the success of Crash 4. That leak is backed by 4chan, so I wouldn't put as much hope into this as in the first one, which seems more likely to happen (though, again, a Crash 5 does make sense as people will love it).

Until Naughty Dog comes out with an official statement, take everything with a pinch of salt, even if TheRealInsider has a great track record.