Voice Actress Gets Shitstorm After Posting Controversial Opinion About Her Own Game!

Voice actors have a very important part in the development of a character. But when this voice actress posted her opinion about her own game's ending, she got a big shit storm for disagreeing with some devoted fans.

Super smash bros mythra and pyra
The voice actress of Pyra and Mythra got shitstormed after she tweeted her controversial opinion on the future of her gals | © Nintendo

A good story needs multiple things to succeed. A structure, interesting characters and emotional moments. The last two are influenced especially by voice actors, who breathe life into the animation.

On the topic of voice actors: Do you want to know, who is behind the characters for another one of Nintendo's big releases? Here is an article with more on the topic:

One of them is Skye Bennett, best known for her role as Pyra and Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. After posting a tweet explaining how she did not agree with the creator's choice for her characters' future, many fans got upset and ranted at her.

This is the tweet that started it all:

Voice Actress Shitstorm Explained

So why is this such a hot take from Skye Bennett, and what is this ending she doesn't like? Spoiler Warning for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but I'll quickly explain.

In Xenoblade 2 the main character Rex has three love implied love interests. Two of those are the characters Mythra and Pyra, voiced by Bennett. In the game itself he does not explicitly get together with any of them, but it is pretty obvious all of them have feelings for him.

Now Xenoblade Chronicles 3 does a lot of crossovers and here is where the controversy started. You can find a picture of the second game's group. In this pic you can see Rex standing above the three girls and ALL of them have babies in their arms. You read that right, he just got all of them.

Many fans celebrated this, as now everyone kinda won and the debate of who Rex loved could be laid to rest. Others felt this was just needless pandering to the fans and the voice actress seems to agree.

According to Skye Bennett, the ending is out of character, and she does not identify it at all with the characters she spent so much time recording. In a tweet she called her interpretation of one character especially out:

Even just from what I thought I understood about Mythra playing her - she just wouldn’t tolerate it

Many fans stormed her comments and showed support for the ending the developers made. Of course others ran to defend her or just comment on the absurdity of the whole thing and on that I can hard agree.

What do you think? Does a voice actor's opinion count as a valid reason to dislike the ending or did the devs have a real reason for this decision? I, for one, don't know what to think, but putting all of them in a relationship sure seems the easiest resolution.

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