Why a Red Dead Remaster Would Suck

Wouldn't a Red Dead Redemption remaster be something good? Well, some fans think otherwise.

Getting remastered versions of some of your older favorite games always sounds great, right? Not too long ago we got upgraded cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts, and now there are rumors about Red Dead Redemption, as well as RDR2 getting remastered as well.

But that might not be what fans want, right? There is some concern surrounding this remastered version of two classic games, so let's check out just what could be wrong and why some fans are worried.

Who Will Develop The Remastered Game?

The biggest concern fans have is the studio that would work on the remastered versions of Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2. At the end of 2021, Rockstar released remastered versions of their cult classic Grand Theft Auto and failed miserably.

Fans were unhappy with the remastered versions of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy - Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. So, with this track record, fans are certainly worried that the remastered version of RDR is also going to flop.

Outsourced Studio Worked on GTA Trilogy

An outside studio worked on the GTA trilogy and many fans believe that because of this, the remastered version failed. Rockstar did oversee the projects, but they did not actually develop the remastered version, which is where fans are concerned.

The Grand Theft Auto trilogy was done by Grove Street Games and the games did not live up to the hype, nor their price tag. Therefore, fans are worried that Red Dead Redemption will receive the same amount of attention from Rockstar and the games will simply be passed onto another studio.

So, would you believe that Rockstar will make the same mistake twice and once again outsource their work to another studio? We don't even know if the RDR remaster is even real, but it's important to be cautious in the future, especially with such a negative track record.