Why GTA 6 Won't Release Any Time Soon

Gta 6 wont release soon
It's a tale as old as time. | © Rockstar

Are you waiting for GTA 6 to finally release? Then we’re sorry to disappoint, but it’ll probably be quite some more time till the GTA 6 release. Why? Easy. Cha-Ching, of course.

Rockstar Games is probably one of the most famous gaming companies out there. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or any previous GTA game has shaped this company into becoming one of the greatest out there.

Some companies falter under the pressure of being one of the best (hello CDPR), others take their time to be better (hello BioWare), yet again others make questionable decisions (hello Bethesda) and then there are those who just enjoy what they've built in the past and are rather comfortable with that… hello Rockstar.

Why GTA 6 Won’t Release Soon

Did you know that GTA 5 is still bringing in $2.5 million per day for Rockstar? Now… do you actually think that with this much money coming in DAILY, they would rush out GTA 6? When they’re still milking the old cow? No way. Rockstar is sitting comfortably with their 2.5 mil, and you know what? We can’t even blame them. Hell, if you made a product that earns you $2.5 a day, would you really push hard to bring out the next product? Wouldn’t you take it easy, knowing that you’re good with what you already have?

Apart from that, we reported on Rockstar working on a remaster of their old GTA games. That would then give them GTA 5 and their trilogy remaster, which will probably also bring in quite a lot of cash.

We most certainly wouldn’t blame Rockstar if that were the reason for not pushing out GTA 6 asap, despite of what fans want. As you can see, people are still comfortably playing GTA 5 and GTA Online, so they’re good… in a way.

Let’s see if GTA 6 news drop soon, but honestly? We doubt it. We’ve actually reported on the GTA 6 release date before, and what we said there would definitely make sense now that we know just how much GTA 5 is still reeling in daily. Erase the thought that 2022 will be the year of GTA 6, friends. It just ain’t going to happen.

2022 might not be the year of GTA 6, but it will be another year with EarlyGame by your side for daily coverage of gaming news. If I were you, I'd stick around.