Witcher 4 Release Date Revealed... Brace Yourself

CDPR announced a lot of projects, and now they also let us know when we can expect The Witcher 4 to be released... and it's ways away.

The Witcher 4 release date
It's gonna be a while until we get back in there. | © Ildar Alimov

So the Witcher 4 is not a sequel to The Witcher 3 - I think everybody knows that by now. In fact, The Witcher 4 is not actualy even called The Witcher 4. The game goes by the codename Polaris and it is one of many upcoming IPs that CDPR has just announced. Now, they followed up that announcement by announcing the release window for the Witcher 4, and... I actually wish they hadn't.

The Witcher 4 Is Three Years Away

Yup, The Witcher 4 - or Polaris - really is 3 years away. How about that? Hurts, doesn't it? The news was revealed during an investor's call, coming from CEO Adam Kicinski himself.

For Polaris we are preparing technology. This is the first project to be released on the new engine, Unreal Engine 5, [so] there is a need for some extra work making this technology. For this project, for sure we need some extra effort to deliver.

According to Kicinski, the following sequels - which also have codenames, but I'll just go with The Witcher 5 and 6 - will then each release in 3 year periods. Essentially, The Witcher 4 will build a whole new foundation, which is why even the 3 years mentioned are more on the optimistic side. CDPR revealed that The Witcher 4 could also still be four or five years away...

Well... at least we are now getting a spin-off set in the Witcher universe... maybe that'll make the wait a little bit easier.