Witcher Spin-Off 'Sirius' Is Not What You Think It Is

CDPR is getting into the spin-off business, which means we're getting more games in the Witcher-universe, and from the sounds of it... they gon' be good.

Witcher Spin-Off Sirius
Something along those lines? Maybe? Please? | © Omer Tunc

So, if you don't know, allow me to remind you: The other day, CDPR dropped a major bomb and announced a lot of new games, including The Witcher 5, The Witcher 6 and a spin-off set in the same universe. Said spin-off is being developed by CDPR-owned developer The Molasses Flood and goes by the codename Sirius. Now, we know a little bit more as to what we can expect from Sirius.

Witcher Spin-Off 'Sirius' Details Revealed

CDPR announced that Sirius would be targeting a "broader audience', which had many worried that it could a crappy mobile game, but now they came out and announced that it isn't. So, phew... that's a relief. CDPR then doubled down, by adding Sirius is also "definitely not a smaller game", but still it is targeted at people who are interested in the Witcher franchise, but not harcore RPG fans. Aka, the people that love the Netflix series and wanna get their Witcher on without the tedious micromanagement that comes with hardcore RPGs. I get that, I really, really do, because I findy myself not tackling many RPGs due to the dedication they require.

Sirius has also been confirmed to be a single-player game with multiplayer components, and I can't be the only one who's thinking of souls-like games now, right? I mean, a big game, but not open-world, less RPG, but still quality.... single player, with multiplayer components? Maybe I'm just dreaming out loud here, but hey... a man can, right? We'll still have to wait a little until we get our hands on The Witcher Sirius, but not as long as we'll have to wait for The Witcher 4...