Mario From The Mario Movie Leaked

Ahead of its official reveal, the design of Mario from the upcoming Mario movie has leaked. And it's a shocker...

Mario Movie Poster
What will Mario look like in the upcoming movie? | © Nintendo

Ladies and gentlemen... we got 'em. We now know what Mario will look in the upcoming animation movie, which so far is simply titled "The Super Mario Bros. Movie". Nintendo and Illumination, the animation studio behind the film, have kept the design closely under wraps. But the internet has once again spoiled the surprise. Here is the shocking design.

This Is What Mario Will Look Like In The Mario Movie

First a bit of context of what happened, because it's random. One user on the ConnerEatsPants discord, a server for fans of the YouTuber of that name, claimed to have seen an early peek of promo material for the film, showing the moustached plumber. Here is the image:

I know... shocking, right? I know, it's Mario. Not too much room to play with. But remember the Sonic disaster? This kind of thing could be a catastrophe, but the Mario design looks alright. He does like kind of interesting... oddly clay-ish and the beard is a bit too long if you ask me. Also, he has a shirt collar? What's going on there?

Anyway, you should obviously take this with a grain of salt. This does look pretty legit, but it could be faked with enough effort. We won't have to wait too long to know the truth, as the first trailer for the movie will be shown on October 6 during a special Nintendo Direct.